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Take a look at our products & services from AluStudio

How We Work



From the moment we contact you, we'll assign a personal consultant. You will be afforded the opportunity to unpack your idea/concept, based on whatever inspires you. Our goal is to make your request a reality.


Design & Manufacture

Our designers will then work on your chosen concept, taking into consideration the colors and materials that you have requested. Our Design team will also advise alternative styles or materials if your design is not stable.


Install, Maintain & Repair

Once your design has been fabricated, our Installers will then bring the windows/doors to your home/office and begin the installation/maintainanence/repair. Please ensure that you schedule someone to be present during the installation should you be unavailable.


Sales & Supply

AluStudio also supplies ready-made or custom fixtures to other Companies and individuals who either do not have the specialised resources or want to just do the installation themselves. Take special care to supply accurate information as we do not refund/replace incorrect fixtures.

Products We Make

Standard & Custom Designs, Your Choice, We Make.

Aluminium Windows/Doors

Framed/Frameless Showers


Sandblasted Glass

Steel/Aluminium Gates

Garage Doors






We Serve

These are the sectors we serve.

Our Residential division takes care of our general clients. Our skilled and talented team are well positioned to give you the very best in consulting and practical, custom home improvement & security solutions.


Anyone in hospitality knows the importance of ambience, style, compliance and setting of their facilities in relation to their brand identity. Finding the right combinations can be quite daunting, luckily, you can count on us for unique interiors and fluid structural designs that expresses your identity!

Corporate & Industrial

The Corporate & Industrial sector looks to us for inspirational office ideas as well as practical structural and security solutions. It's an open secret that well thought-out designs contribute immensely towards improved productivity. beautify your workplace, ask the experts!


We work hand in hand with independant retailers to design, build & supply custom aluminium & steel products for resale at profitable pricing for our supply chain partners. If you are into Steel, Aluminium & Glass retailing,contact us for your custom stock with pricing to deliver healthy margins for you!

Examples Of Our Work


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